Katahdin via Helon Taylor and Saddle Trails

o zi / 9 mile / 9 ore 11 minute

Mount Katahdin summit at the elevation of 5,269 feet (1,606 m) is the highest peak of Maine and the northern terminus of the 2,200 miles long Appalachian Trail. Mount Katahdin is the most sought after day hike destination in Baxter State Park. Due to its popularity one needs to be in the park early and, in season, reserve a parking spot in advance.
Knife Edge is a solid class 3 (falls not always fatal) climb that for 3/10 of a mile is no wider then 3 feet with drops on both sides. It is very strenuous hike, completely exposed, not recommended for back-and-forth crossing, prone to fatalities in inclement weather.

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