Iceland (9-day)

9 zile / 1108 mile / 24 de ore 31 de minute

Overall anticipated cost per person (not including flights/food/alcohol/events not listed below) is around $1400 +10%/-25%. This is based on:
- 6 people going
- renting two vehicles (4wd capable) at around $1300/vehicle (includes both rental fees and gas at Iceland prices)
- around $100/person/night for lodging for 8 nights; this may range as low as $50/person/night for cheap airbnbs with lots of beds, to as high as $120/person/night for nicer airbnbs or hotels in nicer locations (like at the Blue Lagoon).
- per-person costs of tour guides (ice caves, snorkelling at Silfra, other things like whale watching, etc.)

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